World Retail Banking Report 2015


As banking customers are lured away by new players, with their attractive digital value propositions, agility, and ability to invest, the World Retail Banking Report 2015, by Capgemini and Efma, explores customer experience globally, the likelihood for customers leaving their bank and why the middle and back office are critical to delivering engaging and dynamic customer experiences.

Transforming front-end transactions and channels has been the priority for most banks, but keeping pace as digital continues to ‘up the customer engagement game’ is a challenge Analyzing data and transactions throughout the customer journey, is just one way new players stay one-step ahead of their banking counterparts. Today, banks are forced to deliver great user experiences with legacy, middle and back-office engines that can’t possibly keep up.

The report examines the essentials required to improve middle and back-office agility for more dynamic customer engagement, mitigating flight risks and increasing profitability and is based on one of the industry’s largest customer experience survey with responses from 16,000 customers across 32 countries and in-depth executive interviews.

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