Your personal data are processed by Febelfin, as well as its five sub-associations: the Belgian Bankers and Stockbroking Firms’ Association (ABB/BVB), the Belgian Asset Managers Association (BEAMA), the Professional association representing the lending sector (UPC/BVK), the Belgian Leasing Association (BLA) and the Belgian Association of Stock Exchange Members (BASEM) (hereinafter referred to jointly as “Febelfin”).

Company data

Febelfin vzw (non-profit association), Koning Albert II-laan 19, 1210 Brussels

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How does Febelfin use your personal data?

As a Belgian federation in the financial sector, we feel that it is very important to respect your privacy and process your personal data lawfully and securely.

This statement is intended to inform you clearly about which personal data we might process (request, collect, store, use, etc.) and for what purposes we do this. We also explain how, if you wish, you can exercise your privacy rights.

When we refer to personal data below, we mean mainly identification and contact details such as your surname, first name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, position within your organisation, language, gender, etc.

Who is this privacy statement intended for?

This privacy statement mainly concerns the processing of personal data of our current and former members and their staff, people who have shown an interest in our services and people with whom Febelfin and its staff come into contact in the context of its mission and activities.

For what purposes will Febelfin process your data?

You visit our website

Febelfin can store certain data using cookies that we install. A cookie is a small file that is sent by an internet server and stored on the hard disk of your computer. This file contains information about your visit to a given website.

These cookies are intended to improve your browsing experience during a future visit to our website and to gather general statistics regarding the quality and use of the website. Cookies are not, under any circumstances, used for commercial or direct marketing actions.

If you wish, you can adjust your browser settings so that cookies are refused.

You work for a member of Febelfin

If you work for a Febelfin member, we can process your personal data in the context of the services that Febelfin provides to its members (communication, sharing information, consulting Febelfin-Net, participation in working groups, invitations to events, etc.). You will typically provide us with these data yourself. Your employer may also pass on your data to Febelfin. Certain contact data (including your e-mail address, professional telephone number, position, institution, etc.) are also accessible to other members via Febelfin-Net in the context of our service provision.

If you take part in working groups on behalf of a member, we register your presence for compliance reasons and to monitor the proper organisation and functioning of working groups.

When visiting Febelfin-Net, you have to log in for security reasons and we can chart your browsing behaviour on Febelfin-Net in order to make personalised information available to you. On the basis of your visits, we can also prepare statistics to improve the service provision of Febelfin. We make every effort here to limit the processing of personal data as much as possible.

You are a professional contact of Febelfin

If you do not work for a Febelfin member but you are an individual with whom Febelfin comes into contact in the context of its mission and activities (such as politicians, cabinet staff, journalists, academics, supervisors and others), we process your personal data to be able to communicate with you, share information with you and involve you in Febelfin activities.

You have subscribed to our newsletter

In that case, your personal data are processed to follow up your subscription and send the newsletter. Exceptionally, we may also use these data to provide you with other comparable information. You can unsubscribe at any time.

You have indicated that you wish to be kept informed of our activities

In that case, your personal data are processed to inform you of the activities of Febelfin, political, economic and legal current affairs relevant for financial institutions and events organised within the sector.

You take part in one of our events

The data that you provide us with when registering for the event are processed to follow up your registration (invitation, confirmation of receipt, additional information about the event, billing (if appropriate), etc.). We can also store your feedback in the context of satisfaction surveys or any complaints. We make every effort here to limit the processing of personal data as much as possible.

For certain events, the participants receive a simplified list of participants with the surnames, first names, positions and organisations of the participants.

During certain events, mood pictures and photos of participants may be taken to illustrate and support the activities and mission of Febelfin.

You contact Febelfin regarding a specific question

If you contact Febelfin, for example with a request for information (e.g. contact point for rent guarantee), we use your data exclusively in the context of the processing of your request.

If you request a bank search, Febelfin will process your personal data and the personal data of the individual mentioned in the request in accordance with the procedure described on the website.

You work for a company that provides services for Febelfin

If you work for an organisation or a company that has a contractual relationship with Febelfin, your data are processed:

To follow up the service provision and any comments or complaints you may make in this context.

For general client and supplier management, including accounting processing, management of disputes and legal proceedings, the collection or transfer of claims and the protection of our rights in general.

You apply for a position at Febelfin

If you apply for a vacant position or spontaneously, then we process the personal data that you provide to follow up your candidacy.

You visit Febelfin

If you visit Febelfin, we process your personal data in the context of the physical security of the building (e.g. visitors’ registration, camera surveillance).

Where are your data processed and stored?

Febelfin will never share your personal data with or sell them to third parties who process these data for their own commercial purposes.

For the processing of your personal data, Febelfin can, however, call upon external processors (e.g. ICT, logistics). These are companies that process your data in line with a clearly outlined framework and in accordance with an assignment defined by Febelfin.

These companies are located in Belgium or in the European Union.

In exceptional cases, Febelfin may also be obliged by law to transfer your personal data to competent authorities or bodies defined by law.

How long are your data kept?

Febelfin keeps your personal data no longer than is necessary for the intended processing purposes.

What are your rights?

Access to your data

If you would like to access your personal data that we process, you can let us know. If you exercise this right of access, Febelfin will give you an overview of the data concerning you that we keep and process.

Rectifying your data

If you notice that the data that we have received from you are no longer correct, you can let us know. We will make the necessary adjustments or supplement the data as quickly as possible.

Erasing your data

If you no longer wish Febelfin to process your data, you can contact us at any time and ask us to have your data erased.

Transferring your data

You have the right to ask Febelfin to transfer the personal data that you have provided to Febelfin to you or directly to a third party.

How can your exercise your rights or submit a complaint?

If you wish to exercise one of the above rights or submit a complaint about the way in which Febelfin processes your data, you can contact Febelfin by

  • e-mail:
  • letter: Febelfin vzw (non-profit association), Koning Albert II-laan 19, 1210 Brussels

Always be as specific as possible if you wish to exercise your rights. This will enable Febelfin to deal with your question practically and correctly.

Febelfin will verify your identity to prevent other people from exercising your rights.

If you would like more information or you do not agree with the point of view of Febelfin, please go to the website of the Data Protection Authority where you can submit a complaint if you wish.