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Payments with a smartphone or smart device are made either contactless via NFC technology or via a QR code.

Contactloos betalen
Paying with your smartphone in your business? This can be done contactless or via a QR code. Both are equally easy!

What do I need to make a contactless payment?

To let your customers pay contactless with their smartphone, you need a payment solution for card payments: a payment terminal or a card reader linked to your smartphone or tablet.

Your customer needs a smartphone with an NFC chip and an app that allows contactless payments.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. You can recognise NFC by the four waves on the card.

Which apps work for contactless payments?

Today apps like Payconiq (for Android), Apple Pay (for Iphone) and Google Pay (for Android) allow for contactless payments with a smartphone. For Apple Pay and Google Pay, your payment terminal must also accept Maestro payments in addition to Bancontact. For Payconiq it is sufficient to accept Bancontact payments on your payment terminal.


What do I need to make a payment via QR code?

Each transaction generates a unique response code (quick response code) that your customer has to scan to pay. For this you only need a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Your customer needs a smartphone with an app that can scan the code.

No payment terminal or card reader is needed.

Which apps can the customer install?

The customer can make a contactless payment with Payconiq by Bancontact, but also by scanning a QR-code.

The advantages of paying by smartphone

  • It is safe and fast.
  • Some apps do not require a payment terminal, so there are no start-up or subscription costs.
  • You have a clear overview of your income.