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Women in Finance advocates for more gender diversity in the financial sector and wants all financial institutions to become (more) aware of the importance of diversity and inclusion. And that's a good thing for everyone!

Inclusion means that everyone belongs. In general terms, inclusion is the right to participate fully in society on an equal footing with other citizens. In a professional environment, inclusion means that everyone is treated with respect and has an equal chance of being hired and doing their job well.

Women in Finance was founded in 2018. What started as a private initiative of a small group of higher profiles has grown into an association that counts all major financial institutions in its ranks.

vergadering diversiteit
Women in Finance advocates for more gender diversity in the financial sector. And that is desperately needed. Only 25% of all managerial positions are held by a woman.
Women in Finance

A charter for more diversity

A charter was drawn up for Women in Finance. Companies that sign the charter commit themselves to:

  • measure gender differences at every level of their company
  • establish specific objectives for the company
  • draw up a diversity and inclusion action plan
  • Appointing a person responsible for diversity

Women in Finance also wants to translate the charter into action. Therefore, it has set up five working groups that will work out three concrete action points in the coming year:

  • making job descriptions more inclusive
  • setting up a mentoring programme
  • ensuring that women have sufficient inspiring role models

What is the mission of Women in Finance?

The mission of Women in Finance is twofold:

  • to raise awareness on diversity and inclusion
  • to promote gender balance at all levels within the financial sector

To support this mission, Women in Finance will undertake various positive actions such as

  • encouraging equal opportunities for men and women
  • promote inclusive leadership
  • fostering a credible, innovative and respectful environment for attracting, retaining and training female talent 

What is the vision of Women in Finance?

Women in Finance focust op drie aspecten:

Culture & inclusion

Women in Finance wants to create and implement a culture of inclusion where gender diversity is considered a priority on the agenda of the Board of Directors. In addition, gender diversity should be part of the strategic vision of every financial institution that is a member of Women in Finance.

Recruitment & promotion

Women in Finance wants to actively build a strong pool of female talent to increase the representation of women in executive positions.


Networking & social capital

Women in Finance wants to offer opportunities to women by organising social networking events, training programs, ...

What are the values of Women in Finance?

The following values are central to Women in Finance:

Honesty and openness to all

Women in Finance is open to every individual on the labour market regardless of gender, race, culture, colour or ethnicity.

Inclusive leadership

Women in Finance values all employees, both men and women, for their skills and talents so that everyone feels at home in the company where they work.


Attracting new talent

Women in Finance wants to promote the sector as an attractive employer with a focus on:

  • strong personal appreciation
  • positive work-life balance
  • collaborative and flexible work environment

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