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You have built up savings or have some money in reserve and would like to invest (part of) that money. Investing is an alternative way to build up capital and can be a nice addition to the classic savings account. Of course, you want the certainty that your investments are well managed and that your invested money is properly protected. This is how the MiFID II Directive came into being.

Safe investments

MiFID stands for Markets in Financial Instruments Directive. In short, MiFID is a European directive that protects you as an investor. MiFID II determines the rules that financial institutions must follow when they offer you investment products or give you advice about them. This ensures strong investor protection as well as more transparency and better conditions on the market.

What does MiFID do for investors?

When your bank gives you investment advice, it must draw up an investor profile for you on the basis of a questionnaire. This makes clear what you know about investment products, whether you have experience with them, what your objectives are and how much risk you are willing to take. On the basis of this investment profile, the bank knows which investment products it can offer you, namely only those that correspond to your profile and therefore to your personal knowledge and experience.

The MiFID II directive clarified

Febelfin has produced a clear brochure on the MiFID II directive, which offers relevant and clear explanations and answers questions that you, as an investor, may have. You can consult the brochure below.


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