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If you’ve recently arrived in Belgium from Ukraine, you have to organise everything quickly in a completely new environment. And this is no easy task. Once you’ve arranged initial accommodation, you might start looking for a job.

Have you thought about a job in the financial sector?

You can find a list of the vacancies in the financial sector on the website www.jobsinbanking.be. The site is updated daily. You can also visit the job sites of the financial institutions themselves. There is a broad range of positions from risk, audit, controlling, legal, operations and IT to commercial profiles. Everything will depend on whether you meet the minimum criteria in the job offers. Knowledge of English and/or one of the national languages (Dutch/French) and a higher degree are often minimum requirements. Be sure to take a look:

What documents do I need to be considered for a job?

  • Since 7 March 2022, as a refugee from Ukraine, you can apply for a ‘temporary protection certificate’ with your identity documents at the registration centre of the Immigration Office. You then need to take this ‘temporary protection certificate’ to the municipality where you are staying.
  • The municipality will issue you with a provisional residence certificate, also known as Annex 15, while you wait for your residence document.
  • Once your place of residence in Belgium is known and a residence check has been done, you will be issued with an electronic residence card A.

Both the Annex 15 and the A-card state ‘labour market: unlimited’. This means that you may work for any employer in Belgium. The electronic A-card is valid for one year and renewable every six months after that.

Any further questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@febelfin.be (you can write in English, Dutch or French). We’re here to help you. We’re prepared, for example, to forward your CV to our members.

  • Visit www.febelfin.be for more general information about the Belgian financial sector.
  • Some of the information is also available in Ukrainian.
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