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The world is constantly changing: environmental and social changes also have an impact on company business models and how they are revamped in response to these changes.

For example, an increasing number of companies are reporting based on sustainability or ESG criteria. ESG relates to three types of criteria: environmental, social and governance. In essence, ESG reporting allows a company to communicate smoothly and transparently about the social and environmental consequences of its activities and manner of governance. It gives companies an opportunity to demonstrate that they are contributing to a more sustainable world.

But how do you initiate this renewal process within your company? And how do you measure and manage the transition to greater sustainability? Febelfin has put together a useful brochure for you as an entrepreneur, which outlines the most important principles of ESG reporting and lists the benefits and certain examples of ESG reporting.

Interested in taking the first step towards making ESG reporting a priority for your company? The future begins today.


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