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In the first half of 2024, Belgium will assume the role of President of the Council of the European Union. For six months, different Belgian administrations will play a leading role in European decision-making. Although the Council presidency must act as an honest broker, the presidency can set certain priorities and put her stamp on the negotiations. Belgium will be able to renew its reputation as a negotiator.

In the run-up to 2024, Febelfin is publishing its recommendations for the Belgian presidency. With this document, the financial sector hopes to make its priorities known, and share its knowledge around specific technical files. Moreover, we submit some suggestions to raise the quality of European legislation.

Febelfin pleads for a legislative framework that allows banks to meet the needs of European companies and individuals, while also being a driving force in the transition to a more sustainable society. This is only possible through targeted policies that enable financing for a greener future, promote innovation and create growth for the economy and businesses.

Febelfin calls on policymakers to approach each dossier with sufficient contextual knowledge and the impact for all stakeholders. In doing so, it is important to always strive for as much of a level a playing field as possible, to take into account the diversified banking landscape in Belgium and the competitiveness of our banks and companies on a European and international level. Only in this way the European financial sector can remain a forerunner in terms of innovation and sustainability, put the customer first and meet the needs of society.

Febelfin stands ready as a partner for the Belgian Presidency and looks forward to providing constructive input and entering into dialogue with all stakeholders.

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