Want to be ahead in finance? Become a Febelfin member!

As a financial institution, you can become a member of the Febelfin trade organisation.

With more than 260 members, Febelfin represents the majority of the Belgian financial sector. Not only banks, but also credit providers, asset and fund managers, stockbroking firms, stockbrokers and leasing companies fall within the scope of our organisation. 

Membership of the sector trade association is not mandatory in Belgium. 

However, we want to draw your attention to one major advantage: membership enhances the interprofessional solidarity. 

This is of the utmost importance in a world where competition is growing stronger by the day.

Want to find out more?

In this document you can find all additional information about the possibilities of becoming a Febelfin member.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Wien De Geyter, Secretary-General of Febelfin. You can contact her

She will be pleased to give you more information about Febelfin’s mission and the services we offer. 

Convinced to join us?

If you are willing to become a member of our organisation, please fill in (one of) the application form(s):  

  • Yes, I want to become a BVB member (membership for banks)
  • Yes, I want to become a Febelfin member (membership for financial institutions other than banks - all BVB members are also automatically Febelfin members)  

Once your application has been approved, you will be asked to pay the membership fee. From that moment you will have access to the Febelfin documents.