External governance

Johan Thijs


Karel Van Eetvelt

Wien De Geyter

Secretary General

The decisions within the Federation are taken by the Febelfin Board of Directors, the Febelfin Executive Committee and the Board of Directors of the Belgian Bankers’ and Stockbroking Firms’ Association (ABB/BVB).

Both of these Boards take strategically important questions. They have a joint meeting 4 times a year or in case of an emergency.


Internal governance

Febelfin’s day-to-day activities are taken care of by the Business & Support Lines, each with its own head.

Ivo Van Bulck

Director Commercial Banking, Secretary General UPC-BVK

Tom Boedts General Counsel & Director Legal and Risk Related Affairs

Josette Leenders

Director Asset Management & Private Banking, Director-General BEAMA


Director Financial Markets & Infrastructure, Director Manager BVBL (BASEM)

Dirk De Cort

Director Economic Affairs

Anne-Mie Ooghe

Secretary General BLV (BLA)