Febelfin is a name you have probably heard on TV or radio before. But who are we and what do we do exactly?


We represent the financial sector

We are the interlocutor and spokesperson for policymakers, regulators, professional federations and interest groups.

We represent approximately 245 financial institutions and account for some 54,200 direct jobs. We are committed to a social and transparent banking system.

By offering neutral and clear information, we want to ensure that as many people as possible are able to handle their finances with awareness.
Karel Baert
CEO Febelfin

And we are here for you!

We are here for everyone and want to make everyday life more enjoyable, with an eye for climate, technology and society. We want to be there for you:

  • From sustainable investments and retirement savings to immediate and continuous mobile payments.
  • From social loans and a basic banking service for asylum seekers to financial education for individuals and entrepreneurs.
  • From diversity in the banking staff and a strong integrity policy at the banks to new career opportunities for financial employees in other sectors.

Our task here? We want to guide you through the complex landscape of money, of saving and investing, of borrowing and repaying, of paying safely at the cash register or online.